The Humble Aussie Fish & Chip Shop Re-imagined

A message to our loyal patrons,

Over the last few weeks, it has become clear that the world is facing an unprecedented challenge. As a local Albany business, we consider it our responsibility to keep our workers, families and community members safe. We are taking major steps to not only keep our staff and customers healthy but to also make sure that as a business, we are able to continue supporting our staff and suppliers financially during these difficult times.

 Here are some of the main steps we are taking:
1. We are doing everything we can to keep our restaurant clean and safe for everyone in it.
                                                                                                For our staff:

- We have increased our hygiene practices and have re-trained staff on proper handwashing and sanitising skills.

-We have set up additional handwashing stations for our staff which now require them to re-wash and sanitise regularly throughout the shift.

-All front of house is required to wear and regularly change gloves and to sanitise the fridges, door handles, counters, tables and chairs in between services.

                                                                                          For customers:

- We have set up hand sanitiser stations and the front door and at the registers.

-While entering the store, there are signs that direct you to the closest hand washing basin that we highly encourage you to take advantage of.

 2. We are changing part of our practices and procedures to introduce a low contact pick up option for take-away orders.

On Friday, March 20th, we are introducing the option of a low contact pick up system for those customers who wish to place a phone order, pay for it over the phone and have it delivered to their car. We are hoping that this will encourage our local community to continue their loyal patronage and trust that we are taking all necessary precautions to keep them safe.

.Upon ordering, a front of house employee will explain what to expect but we would like to outline what will happen for each of you now.

We encourage all customers to remain in their car while in the “Pick-up Only Lane” as a staff member will bring your food to you.
We will require all phone orders to be paid in advance over the phone so that we can assist as many people as possible with this service.
 For an easier drop off we will need your Name, Make and Model of your car so that we may find you.
 In the event that you’re unable to pay over the phone, we can bring an eftpos machine to you so that you can pay at your car. Please keep in mind that all transactions are now cashless.

3. We will no longer be accepting cash payments; we will only accept card payments.


We are doing everything we can to support our staff. We are incredibly proud of our staff for their efforts in keeping Ocean and Paddock a clean and safe environment. We consider our role as a business to be a huge responsibility as we have 28 staff members that count on our success as a business and as employers. We’re doing our best to keep staff on as much as possible and we do ask for your support throughout the next few months so that we can continue to do so.

 We are grateful and humbled by your loyalty, we take our responsibilities very seriously and look forward to working together during this serious tim