Gravy $3

Homemade Sauces $2.10 

Homemade  from scratch with lots of love and no artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives 

Garlic Aioli

Chef Trents Bone Suckin sweet mustard sauce

Sriracha Aioli

Sweet BBQ Sauce

Sweet Chili and Onion jam

Hot chili Jam

Tartar Sauce

Spicy Texas Bourbon BBQ sauce


​Tomato Sauce

Or try our special Winter Manjimup Black Truffle Aioli only $3.50

Our Menu

Ocean Specialties

Crispy Fried Squid Salad $17

Tossed in a Chili Jam with caremalised peanuts, Thai Coleslaw, hot and sour dressing.

Albany Snapper Burger $19 

Crispy fried Albany Snapper, house pickled fennel, Garlic toasted bun, Coleslaw, lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce. 

Trent's Salt and Pepper Squid $10.00

6 Pieces of our signature crispy squid

Wild caught South China Sea squid

Battered Imported Prawns $10.00 for 3

Argentinian Wild caught Red prawn

Lemon Pepper crumbed Albany Sardines $17

with green olive, fetta, house pickled fennel and local greens.

House Pickled Octopus Salad $17

with olives, Fetta, cherry tomatoes and a tomato basil dressing

Grilled whole Shark Bay Western King Prawn 3 for $13 

Served with house spiced malt vinegar and garlic crusty bread

Lemon Pepper crumbed Albany Scallops 4 for $10


We only cook and fry  in Heart Foundation  approved no cholesterol Aussie made Sunflower oil

Kids Menu

Junior Fish bits n' Chips $8

Chicken Nuggets and Chips $8

Corn Dog and Chips $8

Grilled Fish and Salad $8

Ol' Classics

Deep Fried Mars Bars $5.00

with Cinnamon Sugar

Chiko Roll $3.50

Corn Jack $3.50

Dim Sim ( Steamed or Fried) $2.50

Jumbo Spring Roll $3.50


Pineapple Fritter $2.50

Chicken Nuggets 6 for $6

​Corn Dog $5

Grandpa Don's Pickled onion $2.50 

New York Cheese Fries $7.50


All combos are served with the daily fresh local Albany Shark , imported prawns and squid but you are most welcome to up-grade to any other fish of your choice

Classic Fish and Chips $16

Fisherman's Basket $23

Fish, Chips, Salt and Pepper Squid, Prawns

(Recommended for 2 people or 1 hungry person)

Family Feast $55 

(Recommended for 2 adults and 2 children)

4 x piece Fish, 3 x Chips, 2 x dim sims, 4 x battered Prawns, 2 x cinnamon sugared Pineapple Fritters​, 6 x salt and pepper squid and 4 x chicken  nuggets

Pensioner Special $9

Battered shark and Chips with a free sauce


The Humble Aussie Fish & Chip Shop Re-imagined

Here at Ocean and Paddock Albany we pride ourselves on using fresh local products. That means using fresh fish caught in Albany by Albany fisherman and produce grown by ​local growers, consequently our menu and prices do change with the seasons and the weather, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this my cause but we always want to ensure that you our customers get the freshest local food available.

From The Paddock

Harvey Beef Burger $18.50

250 g Premium Southwest Beef pattie, bone suckin mustard,  house pickled beetroot relish, vine ripened tomato, Frenchman's Bay lettuce, Spanish onion and secret house sauce.

Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger $18

​Southern Fried Mount Barker Free Range chicken breast, Sriracha aioli, pickled cellery,, lettuce and vine tomato.

Mushroom Burger $16

Whole crispy fried field mushroom, walnut aioli, Persian fetta, Frenchman's Bay lettuce, vine tomato on garlic toasted bun.

​Southern Fried Chicken Salad $17

Crispy Mount Barker free range chicken breast, Frenchman Bay lettuce, cherry tom, pickled celery and candied walnuts and our own Bone Suckin Mustard Sauce

From The Ocean

Today's Fish:

  • Albany Hammerhead Shark $12
  • Albany Queen Snapper        $18.50                         (Blue Morwong)                         
  • Albany Nannaygai  $19                                           (Red Bight)
  • Albany Hapuka $18.50
  • Cooked just how you like, choose from;
  • Classic Ocean and Paddock Batter 
  • Gluten Free Quinoa Batter 
  • Grilled with lemon pepper  
  • Lemon pepper crumbed

Add premium local Manjimup Chips $3.50​​

Add gravy $3

From The Veggie Patch

Chips  $3.50- 500g

Premium Manjimup Chips

Sweet Potato Wedges $7.50 - 500g

Manjimup black truffle risotto balls 

3 for $12 served with truffle aioli 
Mushy Peas $5

Signature Cauliflower and cheese balls

3 for $9.00 ​served with onion gravy

Battered Albany Spuds 4 for $10

Sliced wafer thin and battered


Crispy Fried Broccoli Salad 

Tossed in a Chili Jam with caremalised peanuts, Thai salad, hot and sour dressing $16

Quinoa Salad; Persian fetta, candied walnut, cerry tomato, cucumber, house pickled beetroot relish and sun dried tomato and basil dressing $16

Garden Salad $9

Coleslaw $6